Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) will this month hold a special music concert for local Armed Forces Veterans. The concert, which will feature a 25-piece band, has been made possible by financial support from a number of sources.
Included among the sponsors are two Freemasons’ lodges that meet in Paddock Wood – Paddock Wood Lodge No 4291 and Bradley Lodge No 7929.

RBLI, a military and disability charity, will hold the event at their decorated Garden of Honour in their Aylesford village. The Kent Police Band – a brass band made up of former and serving police officers as well as members of the public – will perform for attendees.

The event will take place at 2:30pm on Saturday 20th May at Royal British Legion Industries’ Garden of Honour, Hall Road, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7NL.

RBLI is a national charity supporting the Armed Forces Community and those affected by disability, health conditions or social welfare needs. The concert is the most recent in a series of events held by the charity which aims to understand the size and needs of Kent’s Veteran community.

RBLI’s Aged Veterans Healthy Living Coordinator Michael Bishop said: “The event is a perfect opportunity to tackle the issue.”

He added: “There is currently no means of accurately determining the size of the Veteran population, despite such a large proportion of ex-forces personnel being in dire need of support.

“However, events such as these allow us to meet veterans face-to-face who may otherwise fall under the radar. It means we can then look to provide them with any social, employment or housing support they may need.”

To read more about the RBLI, please visit: www.rbli.co.uk

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