Malling Abbey Lodge and Chapter Help to Raise £15,000 for Leybourne Grange Riding Centre

One of the horses going for a drink

Malling Abbey Lodge No 1063 and Chapter are long-term supporters of Leybourne Grange Riding Centre – a non-profit organisation that exists to tackle disadvantage and promote community understanding by taking action to reduce inequalities. In the last year the centre provided more than 6000 riding lessons for people with disabilities. It also offers able-bodied riding lessons to help subsidise the provision for the disabled.

One of the new water tanks

Freshly dug trench for one of the water pipes

By forging strong relationships with local primary schools it promotes understanding and engages mainstream children and their families to help people less fortunate than themselves. Volunteers also include able-bodied young people who are more practical than academic and who can take qualifications through links with a local College and other centres.

Nineteen fields are used by the Riding Centre, none of which had any drinking water supply for the horses. It was therefore necessary for water to be loaded into heavy canisters every day and transported to the fields. Strong volunteers were therefore needed for this heavy work.

The Centre wants to modernise the way it uses volunteers; focussing on therapeutic core activities with disabled people rather than avoidable manual labour, thereby increasing the number of lessons for the disabled. To this end it needed £15,000 to fund the provision of a piped water supply to various locations.

Freemasons from Malling Abbey Lodge and Chapter have taken on the challenge of raising this total. Members contacted other local groups like the Lions, Lionesses and Rotary to plan how the project could be funded. So far they have succeeded in paying for the first of three stages involving almost a mile of digging, burying pipes and fitting water tanks.

Cheque presentation

The photo shows Worshipful Brother Trevor Weekes from Malling Abbey Lodge presenting one of a series of cheques to the Centre’s Chairman Roy Barnes. £10,000 has been raised and handed over so far with another £2,000 pledged, leaving a further £3,000 to be raised. This partnership effort will continue until the project is completed.

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