Our Provincial Grand Master chats to Peter Rhodes, Editor of The Provincial magazine, about a new tie to show support for the great work of our Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity.

Peter: When RWBro Jonathan Spence, the Deputy Grand Master, addressed the Brethren at the Provincial Meeting in April, he drew attention to the tie that you and he were each wearing on the day.

PGM: Yes, that’s right. We were wearing the first samples of a new silk tie that has been specially designed for members of the Province to wear if they would like to, in support of the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity.

Peter: I notice that the tie has the same ‘helping hands’ images that are on the logo of the Charity.

An image of the new tie and pocket square

The new tie and pocket square

PGM: We wanted to show the very close link between the Province and the CEKFC and there was no better way of doing that, than to use the image of the hands. It is also rather nice that it acknowledges the contribution that the late Brian Powell PSGD AsstProvGM made to the Province during his many years of service. It was he who had that ‘helping hands’ logo designed for the CEKFC.

Peter: Is the tie replacing the current Provincial tie?

PGM: No, but there are no plans to re-order any more of the current ties, which many refer to as the ‘2014 Festival Tie’, with which it was largely associated. It was introduced over ten years ago now – time moves on and we felt a new option might be welcomed. I’m not concerned that there should be an ‘official’ Provincial tie as such. Members are free to decide if they wish to wear a plain black tie, a ‘Craft’ tie, their own school or regimental Lodge tie (at their own Lodges), the Royal Arch tie, the 2014 Festival tie, or this new tie. At the end of the day it is just a tie.

For myself, I will certainly be wearing this new one to show my support for the great work being done by the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity in our local communities and it would be really great to see many members wearing it, too, to show their support. I know that the Senior Executive members are looking forward to wearing it and I suspect that most Active Officers and others on Provincial business will probably choose to wear it, too.

Peter: Are there any restrictions on where or when the new tie can be worn?

PGM: Members may wear the tie at any Craft or Royal Arch meeting within the Province. It should not be worn at Masonic meetings outside the Province. It may also be worn at any time as a day-to-day tie at work, social events, and so on.

Peter: How can members get hold of one of the ties?

PGM: The ties have been ordered and are currently being made. There will also be some matching pocket squares available. Keep an eye out on the Provincial website, where purchase information and an order form will be posted when the ties arrive from the manufacturers in late summer or early autumn.  I’m sure the news of their arrival will be announced on our Facebook Group, too, as well as in our new Estuary View emailed newsletter. When you see the announcement, be sure to let members know, who do not have email or internet access.

Peter: How much will they cost?

PGM: The silk ties are £16.50 and the matching pocket squares are £10. For those who wish to buy both, there is a special price for the set of £25. Any surplus income will be donated in full to the CEKFC.

Peter: Thanks for talking to me, Provincial Grand Master. I am pretty sure that the members will want to join you in your appreciation of the really important support that the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity is providing for so many deserving and needy causes and individuals in our local communities. I, for one, will certainly look forward to sporting my new tie in the autumn!

Order the new tie and pocket square

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