Presentation of a 50 Year Long Service Certificate to Worshipful Brother George Schneider

L to R WBros Larry Andrews, Peter Rodd, George Schneider, Lyndon Jones (WM) and 3 of George’s guests from other provinces

Worshipful Brother Wieland Oswin George Schneider, known to his friends as George, was presented with a long service certificate from the Provincial Grand Master, commemorating his fifty years of service to the Craft. The certificate was presented on March 2nd in the Lodge of Harmony No 133 in Faversham by Worshipful Brother Peter Rodd, Assistant Provincial Grand Master with the assistance of Worshipful Brother Larry Andrews, Escorting Director of Ceremonies.

George receiving his certificate from Peter

George was born in Leipzig, Germany, in the 1930s. Not the most comfortable time to grow up, but it became more traumatic when he was put on the British Military Train in Berlin in 1948 and thus escaped from what was to become East Germany.

He would not meet many of his relatives and friends for another fifty years! Finishing his schooling in England, George then entered the legal profession, not as an articled clerk but as a Management Clerk. He became very proficient and subsequently established his own very successful business providing costing services to solicitors.

George was initiated in 1963 in the Lodge of Light and Charity No 7565 in London and his subsequent Masonic career includes spells in Sussex where, in 2002, he was appointed Past Provincial Grand Chaplain, and East Kent where, in 2007 he became a Joining Member of the Lodge of Harmony.

Outside of work and Freemasonry, George developed a “need for speed”. He recounted the tale of entering a motorcycle sidecar race at Brands Hatch in which he was the passenger in the sidecar. This would have appeared almost normal, however George went on to explain that he and his friend had obtained a BMW motorbike and sidecar combination from Germany, with the result that all of the other competitors had their sidecar on the left whilst George was on the right.

The love and affection with which George is held was obvious from the number of visiting brethren wishing him well and Peter Rodd conveyed this well with his carefully chosen extracts from George’s life.

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