The lake at Chart Fishery, Kent

A splendid view of the lake at Chart Fishery

Volunteers don’t necessarily have time but they have the heart. This is an expression that best sums up the East Kent Masonic Fishing Charity who regularly volunteer their time to bring an interactive fishing and countryside experience to people with special needs.

A nice catch by one of the studetns

This student has a nice catch

The final event this year was held on Thursday 17th September 2015 at the Chart Fishery, Chart Sutton, which is set in the middle of the Kent countryside. The charity guests were a party of students from the Wyvern School and the Goldwyn Community Special School.

A fish caught by a happy student

A happy student with her first catch

The aim of these schools is to provide young people with a high quality of education, accessible to students of varied abilities and different learning styles, whilst taking into consideration their challenging social, emotional, behavioural and learning needs.

A large fish caught by a student

One of the largest catches of the event

On their arrival the students, teachers and carers were welcomed by the School Liaison Officer, John Baker, and briefed on the safety instructions. Each student was then assigned a caster and they proceeded to the lake to start fishing and compete in the various categories.

After days of high winds and heavy rain our expectations were well exceeded as it turned out to be a glorious day providing heavy fish catches. The caterers again provided a lavish lunch of generous proportion thoroughly enjoyed by all. Such was the enthusiasm of the children it was they who insisted on returning to the fishing.

A student is presented with his certificate

One of the many students receiving his certificate from David Graeme

During the course of the morning the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, David Graeme, was welcomed and was given an intensive tour of the venue to meet the casters and their pupils.

A second student receiving his certificate

Another student receives his certificate

At the end of the day David Graeme thanked the team on behalf of the Province for their valuable endeavours and attendance. He then presented a certificate and medal to all the children who responded appropriately.

Students leaving and saying goodbye

The students say goodbye at the end of the day

The enjoyment and the sound of laughter from the children as they departed, leaving behind special memories for them all, demonstrated another successful event for the East Kent Masonic Fishing Charity who continue to make a valuable contribution to the community.

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance’

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