Essetesford Lodge No 9746 is reaching out to Brethren whose advancing years prevent them from attending evening meetings.  The Lodge, which meets in Ashford, is a “daylight” Lodge that meets during the afternoon and (except for Installations), has an informal buffet instead of a formal festive board.

Fred Keeler, Secretary of Essetesforde Lodge

Fred Keeler, Secretary of Essetesforde Lodge

Their Secretary, Fred Keeler explained “There are many of our more senior members who find driving at night to be a problem.  There are also those who prefer not to eat a heavy meal late in the evening.  For those Brethren, the more usual meeting arrangements can lead them to stop attending regularly, even though they still enjoy the social and ceremonial aspects of a meeting”.

Essetesford is therefore contacting other local lodges to enquire if they have any members who find themselves in this situation, and who would like to visit this very unique lodge.

“We are not attempting to poach members from other lodges”  said Fred, “but if this opens the door for an older member to resume and enjoy his Freemasonry, then it has to be worthwhile”.

As well as its special meeting times, the Lodge uses a working that harks back to the very beginnings of Freemasonry when the Tracing Boards were drawn on the floor of the Lodge at the beginning of every meeting.

Visiting Brethren of all ages can be assured of a warm welcome at this friendly and very happy Lodge.

So Almoners and Mentors…..if your Lodge has a member who might wish to take up Essetesford’s offer,  Fred can be contacted by email using the form below.

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