An important message from Assistant Provincial Grand Master, David Alexander

David Alexander

David Alexander

As Provincial Secretary it was part of my duties to brief the newly appointed Grand Officers and members of the Executive on the workings of the Provincial Grand Lodge. I now find myself as Assistant Provincial Grand Master with a responsibility for the education, development and support of all Freemasons in the Province of East Kent. This may sound a rather lofty ideal but put quite simply it is my responsibility and that of the team who support me, to do all that we can to ensure that you achieve the greatest possible satisfaction from your membership of the Craft and Chapter.

This support group comprises the Provincial Mentor and his supporting team, the Provincial Almoner and his supporting team, together with the newly appointed Provincial Education Officer. The team is acutely aware that we are a service organisation, whose principal concern is the welfare of our members. We believe that it is our duty to provide resources which will offer the greatest opportunity for members to gain the maximum enjoyment from being a Freemason.

Although only relatively newly formed the ED&S Group has been working together for many months on two very closely allied projects; the provision of an updated members-only website and the collection and collation of a variety of papers of Masonic interest.

For a number of years the Province of East Kent has maintained a website, which has been primarily for the use of Secretaries, Scribes and Grand Officers, called “Your Province”. As many of you will be aware, East Kent has also maintained a public-facing Provincial Website which although providing news and general information has also hosted a large amount of support materials of no interest to the general public. It had become increasingly apparent that “Your Province” was due for a serious overhaul, coinciding with an executive decision that it was also time to rationalise the material published on the Provincial Website.

Work on the replacement “Your Province” has now been completed, the system is under test and it is envisaged that the site will be launched on or close to 17th September.   It is emphasised that this site is open to all Freemasons in the Province of East Kent who have attained the position of Master Mason.

The site contains support materials for many of the Lodge and Chapter Officers, which in addition to those in post, will be of interest to all members who may for example, aspire to performing a particular office in the short term or in future. The site also contains an innovative section under the menu heading of “Education”. In this section is a series of papers which should prove to be of particular interest to the enquiring mind and which offer the opportunity to enhance our meetings.  There are items which can occupy a few minutes of time to explain a particular facet of our ceremonies, together with complete “walkthroughs” of ceremonies which could be used when Lodges and Chapters do not have a candidate.  It is acknowledged that there are a number of serious masonic scholars in the Province and the ED&S Group sincerely hopes that those individuals will contribute to extending the list of papers currently on offer.

The site will be launched on a roll-out basis, initially to Secretaries and Scribes, then to Almoners, Charity Stewards, Mentors and Lodge Membership Officers.  It is envisaged that applications will then be invited from all members.  As this is a “Membership Support Site” it will be necessary for members to register for access; the process is however automated so once credentials have been checked, access will be granted very quickly.

I commend “Your Province” to all of our members and trust that they will appreciate that it is a valuable facility created for their benefit.

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