On 4th. October 2018 4 East Kent Masons set off from Poole, Dorset on the Trimaran “Liberation” heading for the Isle of Jersey.  Derek Reed, Tony Playford, Brian Warren and Roger Wilkes, with brethren from London, West Lancashire and Wiltshire we had been invited to compete in a five way clay shooting competition which was Jersey’s inaugural shoot as a newly formed Masonic Shooting Society within the National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies.

The crossing was faultless and as we arrived in Jersey the sun shone promising a great weekend, after clearing customs with our muskets we headed out to the shooting ground in order to store them in their armoury taking the time to look around the most picturesque shooting ground we have ever seen.

Situated on the cliff tops around Grave de Lecq on the north west part of the island and looking out over the azure blue channel we would have been forgiven if we had been distracted from shooting by the view. Friday saw practice day and as we all met the weather was just as beautiful and we all had a wonderful days practice shoot enjoying the exquisite views from each of the 10 stands.

Friday afternoon we returned to our hotels as we had also been invited to attend the Annual Provincial Grand Lodge meeting where as an added bonus we were all welcomed individually by the PGM in open lodge.

Saturday saw the competition day and to say that the weather had changed dramatically would be an understatement, we began in light rain and as we reached the more exposed cliff top stands, on came the torrential rain accompanied by strong winds. Everyone battled through and although we were soaked through, dripping guns and drenched equipment we all returned to the club house where hot food and drinks revived sagging spirits.

The results were announced and the winners were Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London, followed by West Lancashire in second place closely followed by East Kent in third, fourth were Jersey and last but by no means least Wiltshire. We had a wonderful weekend both at the annual meeting and shooting but more especially we have made more masonic friends who have a passion for both masonry and clay shooting. Sunday the weather returned to the normal wonderful sunshine and the ferry home to Poole, will we be returning next year, of course we will.

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