Coming Together to Make New Friends


The inaugural meeting of the East Kent Ladies Association

Some 41 lodge widows came together for the inaugural meeting of the East Kent Ladies Association (EKLA) on Sunday 15th November at the Howard Hall, Wigmore. The event was the result of over 18 months cooperation between the Province of East Kent and the Grand Charity.

Wives of Freemasons often feel intense isolation after their husbands pass away, so the EKLA’s goal is to bridge that gap by bringing together friends old and new. Treated to a sumptuous English Tea, the ladies were able to sit, relax and enjoy each other’s company in an informal setting.

Lauren Lynch, Advice & Support Team adviser from Grand Charity said: “Our almoners do a great job of keeping in touch with our widows. We have realised that friendships and connections are often difficult for them to maintain as they get older and are unable to attend lodge social functions”.

“Seeing smiles on the faces of these amazing Ladies throughout the afternoon made all the hard work worthwhile. We received some incredible feedback, so we know this is something we need to do more regularly across the whole province.” she added.

Here is just a small sample of the comments received from some of the ladies present:-

“The company was super and the Tea was superb.”

“Meeting people I haven’t seen for a long while was very enjoyable.”

“I enjoyed everything about the afternoon.”

“Meeting socialising and chatting, with a most enjoyable Tea.”

“It was so good, I’d like to do it again very soon.”

The event was organised by the East Kent Almoner’s Committee, lead by Provincial Grand Almoner Martin Ransom. He said: “I’d like to convey my thanks to all those involved in setting up and supporting this wonderful afternoon. In particular I’m grateful to the almoners who liaised with the widows and helped arrange transport on the day.”

The EKLA team will be organising further events across the Province during 2016 and needs your support.

If you would like more information, to offer your help or even arrange an EKLA event in your area - please contact Martin Ransom via the Provincial Office or directly by using the contact form below.

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