The Spirit of Rugby Lodge No. 9922 is to be Consecrated on Monday 29th February 2016 at the Winter Gardens, Margate.

This is a rare opportunity to attend a Lodge Consecration and all Freemasons are welcome to this special event and dinner afterwards. Please put the date in your diary and click the insignia below for booking details.

Why not organise a group outing from your Lodge? It would make a great and memorable trip out.

The Lodge has been formed following the great success of the East Kent Rugby Association, which is a very active adjunct to the East Kent Provincial Sports Association.  There is a clear correlation between the ethos and discipline of the sport and the core values of Freemasonry.

The Lodge intends to engage positively with the rugby community throughout the Province, thus taking Freemasonry out to the world whilst attracting good men in as new members of the fraternity. Installation meetings will be held at the Lodge’s home base at Sittingbourne, other than which the Lodge will travel around the Province for its Regular Meetings. It will combine tradition with a flexible approach to the demands of the modern world on its members.

Primus Master will be Roger Waltham. Senior and Junior Wardens are Matt Mitchell and Andy Stevens respectively. A full list of Founders and Founding Officers will be posted here soon.

Spirit of Rugby Lodge insignia, designed by Richard Carney

Spirit of Rugby Lodge insignia, designed by Richard Carney

Please click the insignia to book in for the consecration.


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