Charity Steward Information

Charity and benevolence are close to the heart of all Freemasons and the role of the Charity Steward therefore forms a vital part of our fraternity.

The Provincial Charity Committee is available to assist Lodge or Chapter Charity Stewards, Brethren or Companions in their charitable activities. Read more.

To assist Charity Stewards with their duties, a group of Provincial Charity Stewards has produced a handbook, a copy of which can be downloaded below.

Also available is a booklet that describes the objects of the four central Masonic charities.

A third document gives some guidelines on how best to promote your charitable activities.

Lottery Licence

Does your Lodge or Chapter plan to hold a raffle or a lottery to raise funds for any purpose? If the answer is ‘YES!’ you may require a licence.

The Provincial Grand Chapter Charity Steward is the promoter of Small Lotteries in the Masonic Province of East Kent and holds a licence for that purpose. You can take advantage of this licence so as to avoid having to pay for your own.

To avoid unnecessary cost and for general advice, so as to ensure that you keep within the law, contact the Provincial Grand Chapter Charity Steward by using the form below. 

Contact the Provincial Grand Chapter Charity Steward

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