The Association of Friends
Prince George,
Duke of Kent Court,

Chislehurst, Kent


Can you Help Your Fellow Brethren
at Kent’s Masonic Home?

Most of the Gentlemen Residents at Duke of Kent Court Masonic Home, can no longer attend Lodge Meetings because of mobility problems and/ or dementia.

Two years ago, I started holding a Lodge of Instruction in the home for the Residents. They all enjoy the afternoon or evening and one Brother has said, since he has been in the Home he has lost his dignity and privacy, but coming to the Lodge of Instruction has made him feel like a normal Mason again.

Because the residents can no longer attend Meetings, it would be good to bring Masonry to them.

Although the home provides a good range of activities and outings for the residents, a lot of the activities are suitable mainly for the women, as they are in the majority at the home.

I am looking therefore, for Lodges to hold just one Lodge of Instruction a year at the Home, so the male residents can join them and feel part of Freemasonry again.

The Home have agreed to provide sandwiches, tea and coffee free of charge, and I will open the Bar.

If your Lodge would like to hold just one L of I a year at the Home, please contact the home or me.  It would have to start around 6.30pm, as the residents finish their supper then.

Manor of Gillingham Lodge have held a Lodge of Instruction at the Home, but so far, they are the only Lodge to volunteer.

It would make so much difference to the residents’ lives, and this is what Masonry is all about – helping each other.

The Brethren in the home who have Dementia, find it hard to remember what happened that day, but they will open and close the Lodge and tell you all about their life in Masonry, when asked.

Duke of Kent Court is not an old people’s home. It is a place to retire to and be looked after by people who care. If you are passing the Home one day, call in and talk to some of the residents as they would be very pleased to see you.

If your Lodge would like to hold a Lodge of Instruction at the Home please contact me, Mick Mills, on 07535249451 or by email using the contact form below.

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