Herne Bay Freemasons help to provide a woodland home for two Brown Bears

Joshua Jury holding the cheque presented to the Wildwood Trust

Joshua Jury holding the cheque presented to the Wildwood Trust

On the 18th October, Matthew Jury, Master of Ardea Lodge No 6717, together with other members of the lodge and their families, presented a cheque for £400 to the Wildwood Trust. The donation was to help fund a brand new woodland home for two bears rescued earlier this year from a concrete bear pit in Bulgaria.



The bears, two males aged around 16 years, were rescued by the Wildwood Trust from a life of misery and neglect in an abandoned bear-breeding centre in southern Bulgaria.



Both animals were born in the centre and had been trapped inside ever since, enduring the harshest of living conditions in solitary confinement. They had never left their barren concrete cells and were starved of mental stimulus to occupy their curious minds.

The Wildwood Trust learned of the plight of these two bears last year and appealed for help to rescue them and provide a more comfortable enclosure for them at their sanctuary near Herne Bay in Kent.

Click here to read more about the appeal for “The world’s saddest bears”.

The One Show has also been following their development and featured them in a recent broadcast.

The lodge raised the money at their ladies weekend in Portsmouth, at the request of Matthew’s son Joshua. Joshua heard of this amazing story whilst visiting Wildwood and, wanting to help, asked his dad if Ardea Lodge could raise the money to assist these bears and provide them with a better future.


The plaque acknowledging the lodge's donation

The plaque acknowledging the lodge’s donation

The lodge’s contribution has been recognised on a plaque that has been hung by the bear enclosure. On receiving the donation, Andy Prescott, Head of Marketing and Fundraising at the Wildwood Trust said: “We are most grateful to the members of Ardea Lodge in Herne Bay for their generous support which has helped to provide our bears with a 1.5 acre enclosure, giving them the best possible start to their life at Wildwood”.

The two bears, whose names are “Milcho” and “Grosho”, have finally had their first taste of their fantastic new woodland home after being rescued from horrendous living conditions last year.

Please click here to download a report by the Wildwood Trust on The story of our rescued bears.

For more information about the Wildwood Trust please visit: www.wildwoodtrust.org

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