The Provincial Grand Secretary is pleased to announce that the following Brethren in the Province of East Kent have been offered promotion in or appointment to Grand Rank.

David Heley                                                                                               Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
Erasmus Wilson Lodge no 1464

Stephen Salisbury                                                                                    Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
White Rose Lodge no 9308

Dennis Bradley *                                                                                      Past Assistant Grand Sword Bearer
Prince Edwin’s Lodge no 125

David Michael Kershaw                                                                             Past Junior Grand Deacon
Agricola Lodge no 4501

We wish to join with the Provincial Grand Master in congratulating these Brethren on their well-deserved appointments.
The Brethren will receive their appointments and promotion on the 14th March 2018 at the United Grand Lodge of England, London.

* Signifies an appointment put forward from outside the Province of East Kent.


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