Amazing Masons

Charity, respect, integrity and concern for the care of others are key values for all Freemasons. In addition to the work that takes place in our lodges to raise money and support our communities, you’ll find many Masons dedicating themselves to other equally important causes in their own lives.

These amazing people may not do everything they do as Masons, but because they themselves exemplify those core values we all share. Here we pay tribute to the incredible work they do and offer an insight into the important causes they support.

If you know an amazing Mason that you think deserves recognition for the work they do beyond Freemasonry, please get in touch with your Provincial Media Manager.

Jamie Keeps On Running!

An amazing Mason seeks help to raise a further £2,000 for the Brabourne Ward at Canterbury Hospital.

Daniel John

Read about a Freemason with a vocation but very little time for rest and play

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