East Kent Lodges in Alphabetical Order

Lodge Name, No and Location (A to L)

Adam’s Lodge No 158, Sheerness

Agricola Lodge No 4501, Maidstone

All Saints Lodge No 5383, Gillingham

Allington Lodge No 7086, Maidstone

Ardea Lodge No 6717, Herne Bay

Artifex Lodge No 4555, Gillingham

Ashford Lodge No 8945, Ashford

Athelstan Lodge No 4024, Faversham

Balmoral Lodge No 7118, Gillingham

Beacon Court Lodge No 1967, Gillingham

Beamish Lodge No 3869, Gravesend

Bearsted Lodge No 6069, Maidstone

Belvidere Lodge No 503, Maidstone

Binnewith Lodge No 6338, Canterbury

Birchington Lodge No 9159, Birchington

Bradley Lodge No 7929, Paddock Wood

Bradstow Lodge No 2448, Broadstairs

Bredenstone Lodge No 8093, St. Margaret’s-At-Cliffe

Brothers of Birchington Lodge No 5226, West Malling

Brownrigg Lodge of Unity No 1424, Chatham

Castle Lodge No 1436, Sandgate

Chantry Lodge No 6454, Gravesend

Chestfield Lodge No 9058, Whitstable

Chillington Manor Lodge No 4649, Maidstone

Christopher Marlowe Lodge No 8014, Canterbury

Cinque Ports Lodge No 1206, Sandwich

City of Rochester Lodge No 7941, Wigmore

Cobham Lodge No 7269, Gravesend

Commemoration Lodge No 5329, Sandgate

Corinthian Lodge No 1208, Dover

Cornwallis Lodge No 9515, Dover

Crane Lodge No 2660, Cranbrook

Dane John Lodge No 8810, Canterbury

De Shurland Lodge No 1089, Sheerness

Dickens Lodge No 8047, Wigmore

Douglas Lodge No 1725, Maidstone

Dover Castle Lodge No 7202, Dover

Downs Lodge No 6855, Deal

Duke of Kent Lodge No 5818, Maidstone

Durobrivae Lodge No 6956, Wigmore

East Kent Masters’ Lodge No 3931, Canterbury

East Kent Scriveners Lodge No 9622, Gillingham

East Kent Wheel of Friendship Lodge No 9750, Canterbury

Electra Lodge No 5124, Gillingham

Emergency Services Lodge No 9676, Birchington

Entente Cordiale Lodge No 9657, Dover

Erasmus Wilson Lodge No 1464, Gravesend

Erclei Lodge No 7436, Gravesend

Essetesforde Lodge No 9746, Ashford

Ethelbert Lodge No 2099, Herne Bay

Fiat Lux Lodge No 8893, Wigmore

Fleur De Lis Lodge No 8969, Maidstone

Foreland Lodge No 3209, St. Margaret’s-At-Cliffe

Fraternitas Lodge No 6046, Wigmore

Garden of England Lodge No 6583, Maidstone

General Gordon Lodge No 4292, Chatham

George Hamilton Lodge No 3452, Deal

Gillingham Lodge of Benevolence No 184, Gillingham

Gillingham Lodge of Friendship No 8453, Gillingham

Globe and Laurel Lodge No 4657, Deal

Gore Court Lodge No 8231, Sittingbourne

Graveney Court Lodge No 8637, Whitstable

Gravesham Lodge No 5337, Gravesend

Graystone Lodge No 1915, Whitstable

Gundulph Lodge No 1050, Rochester

Hawkhurst  St. Laurence Lodge No 9690, Cranbrook

Hexagon Lodge No 5380, Rochester

Honor Oak Lodge No 1986, Wigmore

Hoo Saint Werburgh Lodge No 4829, Hoo

Hundred of Hoo Lodge No 8986, Hoo

Invicta Lodge of Ashford No 709, Ashford

Isle of Sheppey Lodge No 6769, Sheerness

Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge No 5866, Canterbury

King Edward Vii Lodge No 3252, Wigmore

King’s Navy Lodge No 2901, Gillingham

Kingsgate Lodge No 4882, Broadstairs

Lewises Lodge No 1209, Ramsgate

Libertas Secunda Lodge No 6433, Gravesend

Lodge De Wydemere No 6282, Wigmore

Lodge of Freedom No 77, Gravesend

Lodge of Friendship and Service No 6584, Gillingham

Lodge of Harmony No 133, Faversham

Lodge of Loyalty No 9494, Ashford

Lodge of Peace and Harmony No 199, Dover

Lodge of Rectitude and Harmony No 9093, Birchington

Lodge of St. Mark No 6969, Hythe

Lodge of Sympathy No 483, Gravesend

Lodge St George Bahrain No 7389, Ashford

Lord Warden Lodge No 1096, Deal

Loyal and True Lodge No 4050, Chatham

Lodge Name, No and Location (M to Z)

Macartney Lodge No 3283, Gravesend

Maeides Stana Lodge No 7868, Maidstone

Malling Abbey Lodge No 1063, West Malling

Malling Centenary Lodge No 8068, West Malling

Manor of Chatham Lodge No 4688, Wigmore

Manor of Faversham Lodge No 8248, Faversham

Manor of Gillingham Lodge No 3983, Wigmore

Marsh and Weald Masters’ Lodge No 9291, Dymchurch

Martello Lodge No 8712, Sandgate

Middleton Manor Lodge No 6337, Sittingbourne

Mid-Kent Masters’ Lodge No 3173, Gillingham

Military Jubilee Lodge No 2195, Dover

Millennium Lodge of Charity In East Kent No 9730, Maidstone

Minnis Bay Lodge No 8496, Birchington

Monckton Lodge No 9236, Maidstone

New Era Lodge No 5991, Gravesend

Nicholas Ridley Lodge No 8094, Herne Bay

Nore Command Lodge No 9199, Sheerness

Norman Lodge No 3502, Gillingham

Northfleet Lodge No 4149, Gravesend

Old Cranbrookian Lodge No 6877, Cranbrook

Old Harveians’ Lodge No 7243, Folkestone

Old Manwoodian Lodge No 7636, Sandwich

Old Roffensian Lodge No 8006, Rochester

Old Ruymian Lodge No 8391, Ramsgate

Paddock Wood Lodge No 4291, Paddock Wood

Peace and Unity Lodge No 4101, Gillingham

Pentalpha Lodge of East Kent No 8535, Canterbury

Pentangle Lodge No 1174, Rochester

Per Mare Per Terram Lodge No 3609, Chatham

Pharos Lodge No 6967, Dover

Phoenix Lodge No 9348, Chatham

Porta Maris Lodge No 4287, Margate

Porta Sapientiae Lodge No 9429, Ramsgate

Portcullis Lodge No 8268, Gravesend

Prince Edwin’s Lodge No 125, Hythe

Queenborough Lodge No 3893, Sheerness

Radnor Lodge No 2587, Folkestone

Reculvers Lodge No 4123, Westgate-On-Sea

Renham Lodge No 8211, Sittingbourne

Richard Watts Lodge No 8534, Chatham

Robinson Lodge No 2046, Maidstone

Rochester Castle Lodge No 9260, Rochester

Rochester Lodge No 3494, Chatham

Romney Marsh Lodge No 4743, Dymchurch

Royal Engineers Chatham Lodge No 4465, Gillingham

Royal Kent Lodge of Antiquity No 20, Chatham

Royal Military Lodge No 1449, Canterbury

Royal Navy Lodge No 429, Ramsgate

Rutupiae Lodge No 6611, Sandwich

Saedingburna Lodge No 6728, Sittingbourne

Septem Lodge No 7788, Dover

Setech Lodge No 8185, Folkestone

Sharpers Hall Lodge No 9196, Herne Bay

Shorncliffe Lodge No 4330, Sandgate

Simon Langton Lodge No 7586, Canterbury

Sir Edward Elgar Lodge No 9837, Canterbury

Sir Joseph Williamson Lodge No 4605, Rochester

Snar Gate Lodge No 6770, Dover

South Kent Lodge No 4303, Ashford

St. Andrew’s Lodge No 3948, Rochester

St. Augustine Lodge No 972, Canterbury

St. George Abadan Lodge No 6058, Chatham

St. George’s Lodge No 4387, Gillingham

St. John’s Thanet Lodge No 2753, Margate

St. Lawrence Lodge No 3350, Ramsgate

St. Mary’s Gillingham Green Lodge No 6499, Gillingham

St. Michael’s Lodge No 1273, Sittingbourne

St. Peter’s Lodge No 4193, Rochester

Stanley Wykeham Lodge No 6599, Paddock Wood

Staplehurst Lodge No 8145, Cranbrook

Stella Maris Lodge No 7279, Westgate

Stour Lodge No 2305, Ashford

Swakely Lodge No 6634, Whitstable

Tankerton Lodge No 5153, Whitstable

Temple Lodge No 558, Folkestone

Tenwarden Lodge No 8858, Cranbrook

Thanet Masters Lodge No 8918, Ramsgate

The  Lodge of United Friendship No 6284, Gravesend

Trinity Lodge No 7021, Margate

Trinity Mariners’ Lodge No 8406, Dover

Union Lodge No 127, Margate

United Industrious Lodge No 31, Canterbury

United Service Lodge No 3124, Sheerness

Valley of Elham Lodge No 6649, Sandgate

Wakefield of Hythe Lodge No 6059, Hythe

Watch & Ward Lodge No 8809, Gillingham

Weald of Kent Lodge No 1854, Tenterden

Wellington Lodge No 784, Deal

White Ensign Gillingham Lodge No 4180, Gillingham

White Rose Lodge No 9308, Dover

William Russell Lodge No 3103, Gravesend

Windmill Lodge No 8683, Gravesend

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