Almoner Information

The Lodge Almoner

The Lodge Almoner plays a vital part in the life of every lodge and is widely recognised as being of great importance.

With people now living longer, and typically remaining in their own homes, the work of the Almoner will no doubt expand.

To assist him in his role, a handbook has been produced by a group of Provincial Grand Almoners, to enable him to become pro-active in seeking assistance for those in need, and to point him in the right direction for that assistance. A copy of this handbook can be accessed below together with a number of other resources designed to support the Lodge Almoner.

The Provincial Almoner and his team are there to support the Lodge Almoner. Click here for information about the Provincial Grand Almoner and his team.

The Chapter Almoner

To avoid duplication with the role of the Lodge Almoner, the duties of the Chapter Almoner have recently changed.

The Provincial Grand Chapter Almoner has therefore produced some guidelines which can be accessed below.


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