The Kent Museum of Freemasonry

Several members of the Allington Lodge No 7086 from the Tovil Centre in Maidstone, recently made their annual pilgrimage to the Kent Museum of Freemasonry in Canterbury.

On arriving in Canterbury bright and early, the group devoured a Full “Boys Breakfast” at a nearby café, to help set them up for the day. The group included John Hall, Peter Morris, John Stockham, Colin Horton, Brian Richardson and Mike Lofthouse together with Toby Payne, a candidate due to be initiated in Allington Lodge a few days later.

John (H), Peter, John (S), Colin, Brian, Mike & Toby at their “Boy’s Breakfast”

By mid-morning the group assembled in the museum, in St Peter’s Place, where they were met by its curator, Worshipful Brother Tony Periton. Tony gave the group an outline of the museum’s history and this was followed by a tour of the exhibits. For those that had visited the museum in previous years,

it was generally agreed that it has a greatly improved range of exhibits and a clear, easy-to-read explanation of Freemasonry and its development, particularly in Kent.

During their visit a French Masonic visitor called into the museum and was made most welcome. They also spoke to two other museum volunteers who were researching, cataloguing and preparing artefacts for display and preparing a listing to appear eventually on the website.

One member of the Allington group, Worshipful Brother Brian Richardson, said: “These, and all the other hard-working library and museum volunteers, deserve our sincere thanks for all that they do. We are also grateful to Worshipful Brother Colin Horton, our lodge’s Library and Museum Representative, who arranged the visit. We all look forward to our ‘Boy’s Breakfast’ trip next year”.

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