"Roger O'Brien (left of centre at the back) with the Happy Band of Brothers"

“Roger O’Brien (left of centre at the back) with the Happy Band of Brothers”

Canterbury Freemason, Roger O’Brien, has an extensive knowledge of the wide range of Masonic Orders beyond the Craft. He holds senior Grand Rank in many of them and is a Past District Grand Master of the Order of Royal and Select Masters in Kent. Amongst his various interests, Roger is a Trustee and former Secretary of the Kent Museum of Freemasonry in Canterbury. He is also an entertaining raconteur and presenter of an interesting talk on ‘Masonic Orders Beyond the Craft’.

Maidstone Freemason Colin Horton, a volunteer at the museum, invited Roger to give the talk to members of his lodge. Here is Colin’s report:

“Roger’s approachable style and his preparedness to travel encouraged me to ask if he would make a presentation at my Lodge. He didn’t hesitate and agreed to come to my Craft Lodge of Instruction - Allington Lodge No 7086 at Tovil. In making the arrangements, our Master Mick Lofthouse was keen to invite other lodges from Tovil and some personal guests. They also joined us for a bangers and mash supper before the talk where we were able to raise a modest sum for charity.”

“And so it was at 7.15pm on Monday 27th March that Roger started his presentation. He kept everyone spellbound, not just by the depth and complexity of the topic, but the extent to which he involved them. Brethren were invited to join him on the floor of the lodge room to illustrate the points he was making. Indeed a lucky few were able to don regalia they may not have even seen before.”

“I will not describe more for fear of spoiling the experience for anyone yet to hear Roger’s talk.  However, should such an invitation be extended to him, and he is able to attend, you will not regret it!  We were a happy band of Brothers that night, as can be seen in the photograph.”

Roger is one of many Masonic Speakers and Demonstration Teams, details of which can be found on the Kent Museum of Freemasonry website: www.kentmuseumoffreemasonry.org.uk.

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