A Regular Meeting cannot be cancelled or postponed in advance, irrespective of circumstances, including bad weather, such as heavy snow. The Book of Constitutions requires that you make an attempt to hold the meeting and abandon it if an insufficient number of brethren can attend. The minutes must show that the meeting was “Abandoned” and not “Cancelled”.

If the meeting is cancelled in advance, Book of Constitution rules mean that the Lodge will risk loss of continuity of service and jeopardize future anniversary warrants.

It would be a prudent course of action to cancel the caterers, should the meeting be in doubt, before the Lodge becomes liable for cancellation charges. If a Lodge can then muster five suitably qualified brethren at the meeting place including a sufficient number of Past Masters, it is in order to open, read the minutes, hold any election etc. and close. The brethren do not have to be the existing officers or all members of that particular Lodge. If the weather conditions are such that the meeting place cannot be reached safely, the minutes must show that one or more responsible brethren tried and failed and the meeting had to be abandoned.

It is particularly important to try and hold the meeting if part of the purpose is to elect the Master etc. for the ensuing year. If it is totally impossible to hold the meeting at which the Master is to be elected then please contact the Provincial Office for further advice.

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