Founders Jewel Manor of Faversham Lodge 8248

Founders Jewel Manor of Faversham Lodge 8248

You never know when – or where – you are going to find something important.

Take masonic jewellery, for instance.
Late in January, Ivor Spencer of the Castle Lodge No1436 spotted that Kent Auction Galleries had a listing for a “Manor of Faversham Lodge 8248, Founder’s Medal in original box sealed in cellophane”.  Ivor posted this information on the Province of East Kent Facebook page.

The post was seen by the Secretary of the Manor of Faversham Lodge, Robin Evans.  How good if the jewel could be repatriated to its spiritual home, thought Robin.  He arranged for the Lodge’s Charity Steward, Kevin Emery, to bid for it, and to their joy they were able to secure it, for the princely sum of £30 plus auction fees.

The jewel had originally been presented to the Lodge’s Founding Junior Deacon, Colin Sharpe, who, sadly, had passed away in 2017.

For a number of years now the Manor of Faversham, which celebrates its half-centenary in 2019, has been “recycling” its Founders jewels: they are proudly worn by its Past Masters until they attain their first appointment to Provincial Grand Rank –  at which time they are returned to the Lodge for safekeeping until needed again. The Lodge does not have all the Founders’ jewels: some have been passed to the Kent Museum of Freemasonry in Canterbury for exhibition and safe-keeping.

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