On 24th June 1717 four Freemasons’ lodges in London came together at the Goose and Gridiron Tavern in St Paul’s churchyard, declared themselves a Grand Lodge and elected Anthony Sayer as their Grand Master. This was the first Freemasons’ Grand Lodge in the world.

In 2017, three hundred years after the formation of the first Grand Lodge, Freemasons will be celebrating its tercentenary.

“Inside the Freemasons” on SKY® TV in April and May 2017…..

The recent screening of “Inside the Freemasons” on Sky TV gave unique and unprecedented access to one of the oldest social networking organisations in the world. Inside the Freemasons asked who Freemasons are and what do they do?

The series of five programmes, screened in the year that Freemasonry celebrates its 300th anniversary, went beyond the myths and legends. It revealed what it really means to be a Freemason today through the words and lives of Freemasons themselves.

John Hamill, Director of Special Projects at the United Grand Lodge of England said  “In our Tercentenary year it is fitting that we marked this auspicious occasion by very openly sharing a look at who we are, what we do and what we stand for. We hope the series helped inform, educate and even surprise, providing a genuine insight and understanding into Freemasonry and Freemasons today.”

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The Masonic Charitable Foundation has committed an additional £3 million to be awarded in the form of 300 grants to local and regional non-masonic charities.

In Kent, Sussex and Surrey, Freemasons have marked the occasion by conducting an appeal to raise at least £200,000 for Canterbury Cathedral, to help finance the restoration of the North-West transept. This appeal concluded on 31st December 2016 and the outcome was revealed at the Special Thanksgiving Service held at the cathedral on 18th February. A grand total of £300,000 was raised altogether.

Freemasons in the Masonic Province of East Kent will be holding a large number of events during the coming year to celebrate the tercentenary and these are included in the Provincial Diary. Still more are being planned and will be added to the diary as details become available.

How local Freemasons are celebrating the Tercentenary

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Community Taxibus Service

Freemasons from Gravesend and Rochester launch their Tercentenary Community Project – a community taxi bus service.

A Canterbury Tail

Canterbury welcomed a very unusual member of the congregation on Saturday to a special Thanksgiving Service held at the Cathedral.

Lodge Night 1759

A re-enactment of a typical eighteenth century lodge meeting, held at All Saints Lodge No 5383 in Gillingham, was very well received by everyone present.

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